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About me

I am Jørund Jenssen Berg, a 36 year old Norwegian living in a small town in Norway called Sandnes. I am vegan, love travelling by train around Europe and drive people crazy with my obsession for becoming more environmentally conscious. I also love football, reading, watching documentaries and playing boardgames or poker. Luckily, I am also very fortunate to be together with a fantastic girl who puts up with all my nerdiness.

I got my bachelor´s degree in Graphic Design in Melbourne, Australia in 2010. After travelling and doing some odd jobs, I got my first proper, full time job in print production in 2013, which is still my current job. My responsibilities include printing out high end print products such as banners, magazines, big signs, car wrapping, business cards and the like. I also do a little bit of design work from time to time. If you are curious, here is my portfolio and CV.

In my spare time I am learning FrontEnd webdesign, since I think it is a good skill for any designer to master. I have dabbled in HTML, CSS and WordPress for the last 10 years, but now I am taking it more seriously and have started learning JavaScript (check out my Edabit profile here), GIT and Bootstrap (which this site is built upon). I will continue to learn more about CSS and JavaScript frameworks.

Contact me at jjberg83 at pm.me